She Puts A Ball Of Aluminium Foil Along With Her Laundry. The Reason? Brilliant!

Let’s be honest, doing the laundry is not exactly the nicest job at home. But thanks to the tips from this video, doing it becomes a lot more pleasant! From creating a cheap and unexpected alternative to dryer sheets to creating extra space in your laundry room, What’s Up Moms shows these and many more useful laundry hacks in the handy video on the next page.

Thanks to these tips, your laundry room and your laundry remains nice and clean. These tips are also child-friendly, which is useful if you have one or more children. In addition to the tips that you can apply in the laundry room, they also show a handy trick to fold clean, freshly washed clothes in a crease-free way. Watch the video with the ingenious tips on the next page!